Update: Jan 14/15

Jesus came to earth to redeem believers - check our Mission page for the total sermon downloads

Imagine... if you have faith and you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ came down to die for your sins, you will be saved and gain eternal life!  What a future! What a blessing ! and yes, what comfort!

Welcome to the Home page of the Voice of the Church web site. This site has been presented by the Canadian Reformed Broadcasting Association, which has been mandated to spread the Gospel on behalf of the Canadian and American Reformed Churches in North America. Our 15 minute broadcasts present weekly meditations on God's Word, and we hope and pray that they will be a blessing to you. These meditations form the very nucleus of every weekly radio broadcast produced by the CRBA.

We are in the process of redesigning our website and it will be up and running no later than February 1, 2015.

Currently 4 radio stations simulcast the message of the glorious Gospel over the airwaves to tens of thousands of listeners throughout Canada and the USA. A brand new broadcast started recently on radio station KGCE in Modesto, California. Weekly meditations on the Word of God are faithfully prepared by the various pastors that support this outreach program. Through the radio broadcasts and this website we encourage you to become more familiar with the Scriptures, and with what God's plan of salvation is really all about! We trust and believe that your life will be truly enriched!

Our webmaster updates this site on a regular basis. Feel free to contact us at the CRBA for more information about this website or about the radio stations that carry our weekly broadcast, the Voice of the Church. We hope that you will find this site helpful to you, no matter what your relationship with God may be at this very moment. Tune in and listen to what God has in store for those who love and trust in Him alone!

Audio copies of the messages aired on our broadcast can now be downloaded from www.sermonaudio.com

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